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My name is Sean Szurko. I'm a full-stack Rails developer.

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About me

I'm a thrill-seeker and entrepreneur.

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My Resume


Places I've worked and skills I've acquired over the past decade or so.

Bluewater Inc.

2017 - Present

Remote Ruby on Rails Developer

Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Developer at Bluewater Inc.

Camfil APC

2016 - 2017

Remote Ruby on Rails Developer

As a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer at Camfil APC, I am in charge of maintaining all aspects of our customer facing site, This includes implementing new ideas from management with a heavy focus on front end and user experience. But, can also target increasing organic page rank via on-page SEO, or squashing bugs and increasing test coverage in the existing code base. Understanding user needs and potential pain points via Google Analytics is another large part of my position. Often leading to an intimate and sometimes frustrating knowledge of browser quirks and nuances when it comes to cross-browser compatibility in JavaScript, jQuery and CSS.

  • Maintained all aspects of
  • Redesigned, wireframed, mocked-up and prototyped new ideas for customers
  • Increased unit and integration test coverage
  • Employed on-page SEO tactics to increase organic page rank
  • Constructed tools to increase coworkers productivity and increase company sales
  • Fixed bugs and refactored codebase from inherited projects

Freelance Web Developer

2015 - Present

Freelance Web Developer

As a freelance web developer I am a jack of all trades, from simple Bootstrap bug fixes, to building full scale, complex social networking apps. Maintaining honesty, efficiency and professionalism with project timelines and cost projections allow me to stay ahead of my competition and keep clients happy. I am a stickler for the "details", and clean, professional UX are my core design principles.

  • Managed client budget and timeline expectations
  • Learned new and applicable tools for projects
  • Quickly adapted to changing design trends
  • Delivered clarity to vague initial project specs

Poker Professional

2008 - 2014

Online Poker Professional

During my 6 year career as a professional poker player I climbed from small stakes, full ring, no-limit hold em' to become an expert in high stakes shorthanded and heads up games. Due to ever-increasing regulations, market shrinkage, and decreasing hourly expectation I decided to quit and exited online poker in early 2014.

  • Conducted deep statistical analysis of opponents and tendencies
  • Solved complex decision tree problems
  • Placed 4th in WSOP event for ~137k
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What I Do


I am a moonlighting freelancer and currently offering a variety of small to mid-sized project services.

The backside of a man in a blue shirt programming with a iMac in front of him
  • Template to Fully Custom Solutions
  • Beautiful User Interfaces
  • Industry Leading Practices
Starting at $3,000

Web Development

I am experienced in all facets of web development, but I specialize in crafting beautiful designs for small to medium sized businesses and intimately understanding target markets.

My builds are W3C standards compliant and are fully responsive with the latest devices and browsers. In addition to fully custom solutions I also provide template and à la carte services.

A man's hand with wireframed mockups
  • Wireframing & Mockups
  • Prototyping
  • User Monitoring
Starting at $1,000

UI/UX Design

I employ a variety of tools to study and evaluate how users feel about existing systems, then deliver insight and solutions aimed at improving their experience.

I also provide wireframing, Sketch mockup, and prototyping services for those starting at the ground floor of the development process. Providing a solid foundation to build on moving forward.

A closeup of a phone with the search term 'analytics' in focuse and the rest blurred
  • User Monitoring
  • Userflow PDF or JPG Deliverables
  • Google Analytics
Starting at $1,000

User Flow Analysis

User flow analysis is the key to getting more value from your site traffic. Structuring how you would like a user to flow through your website is the first step in the design process. I provide PDF or JPG deliverables which greatly aid in site construction and make it easy to visualize page importance.

I also provide support and consultation for setting up Google Analytics and a variety of other tracking tools to analyze current site traffic. I excel at increasing conversions and decreasing bounce rates.

A closeup of a computer on the dashboard of Google Analytics showing visitor overview and traffic sources
  • Website Audits
  • Deliverables of Immediate Attention Items
Contact for Pricing

SEO Services

I conduct audits of on-page SEO content to ensure compliance with current industry-leading best practices. All on-page SEO work is strictly "white hat" to guard against Google penalties. At the end of the audit I provide a PDF of current "immediate attention" items that should be fixed to boost compliance for Google and other search engines.

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My Skills


Technologies I excel at.

I'm strongest on the front end of the stack and have an expert level understanding of HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. My code is clear and concise but doesn't sacrafice readability in order to visually shorten it. I understand Ruby and JavaScript well and have a decent understanding of several of their gems and libraries, ensuring I'm not reinventing the wheel with every project. In addition to hard programming skills, I posses several softer skills, such as Illustrator, Sketch, and Invision App for wireframing, mockups, and prototyping.

Ruby on Rails